Graffiti Master

So beautiful it should be illegal! Themes and Flowers mastered the art of graffiti (in terms of centerpieces of course).  Hand painted vases, buckets and plates pulled this edgy vision together in perfect harmony. Just like any great artist, Themes and Flowers incorporated a variety of textures, shapes and colors to leave these corporate guest asking "what is your secret?".  Lucky, the secret is our modo, "creativity and value".  We see your vision and bring it to life. This event was a true work of art. 

Pops of Red

Take a look at this sleek, modern event that we did at the Petersen Automotive Museum. We used a mixture of red florals, gems and containers paired with glass and silver accents to achieve this stunning aesthetic. 

Themes & Flowers Open House 2017

We are so thankful to all of our clients that came to our open house showroom last week. We hope that you left inspired and excited about the decor possibilities for your events. In case you missed it, we wanted to leave some photos so that you can take a look! 

Natural & Organic

White & Gold

Simply Elegant

White & Gold Decor

Picked for You! Inside Look at Our Trip to the Market

It's the first week of spring and we love that everything is in bloom. To welcome in this new season, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into our trip to the market. Polly has been visiting this market for over 25 years and has built great relationships with all of our vendors. We are always so inspired by all the color and textures!


What is not to love about a "Bollywood" theme? This recent event had it all: indoor and outdoor settings, a photo op, a variety of centerpiece groupings and plenty of lanterns and lights, not to mention all of the beautiful, bright colors!

Here are 5 reasons you should plan a "Bollywood" event!

1. Experience a different culture! Many people go to parties and events to enjoy themselves outside their normal routine. It is an opportunity to celebrate and break the monotony of the day-to-day. What better way to do that than to provide a sense of escape into a different cultural experience!?

2. Bright, Bold & Beautiful! There is no denying the array of colors in these photos. There were pops of color everywhere you turned! This is simply a treat for your guests. It provides a cheery atmosphere and a beautiful aesthetic! The bright colors also pairs well with the gold that is seen throughout the designs. We were also able to use multiple LED color lights to add to the vibrancy of the event! When you're planning a Bollywood event, you can dream in color!

3. Interactive! One of our favorite features of the night was the outdoor vignette. It invited guests to take photos together during the cocktail reception and created the perfect interactive element to the event. 

4. Over-the Top! This type of theme moves away from simple designs and allows for elaborate pieces that create quite the spectacle! Take a look at our tall dinner centerpieces placed on 4ft pilsner glasses. Case and point!

5. Let There Be Light!  one of the distinct features of a Bollywood event is the lighting! Our designs include various gold lanterns and votive along with multiple colors of LED lights to highlight the vibrancy of the theme!

Welcome to the Masquerade

Masquerade events are a great balance of playful and elegant. They give us, as designers, fun elements to incorporate (masks, feathers and unique vases) and offer guests interactive photo-ready props. 

Below is our most recent masquerade event. The color scheme moves away from traditional greens and purples of Mardi Gras and opts for a bold red velvet paired with gold and black. Take a look!

Love & Flowers: Romantic Designs

Welcome to February and all of it's Valentine glory! We wanted to share with you some of our centerpieces that move away from a simple modern look and gravitate toward a fuller, elegant aesthetic. Many people associate flowers with love and romance and, while our business is specifically for corporate events, we appreciate floral designs with a certain romantic flare to them. There are certain flowers and hues that create a romantic feel; shades of pink, purple and burgundy with full white hydrangeas and beautiful roses. Some of our designs include important lighting  elements that help bring a feminine touch to our designs. Take a look at some of our romantic designs below!

Did you know that we love to participate in special corporate event activities and that we are happy to put on flower demos for your clients? We have participated in spouse luncheons that feature a flower design demonstration for guests. We love to include interactive elements to our work. It is a way for us to share what we love!

Happy New Year!

We hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday vacations and time with family. As we jumpstart 2017, we can't help but to feel thankful for all of the creativity and opportunity that 2016 brought to Themes & Flowers! We wanted to share some of our favorite events from last year and reflect on all the work that went into seeing each vision come to fruition. Thank you for allowing us to take part in creating  beautiful spaces for your clients! We hope that 2017 will bring just as much opportunity for new vision and creativity! 

Here are some of the highlights of our favorite events from 2016! 

Top 10 Favorite Events from 2016:

1. Sleek and Silver Modern Event at the Peterson Car Museum


2. Burgundy Florals in Golden Urn Containers


3. Country Chic Sunflower Arrangements in Turquoise Vases

4. Red Graffiti Theme with Industrial Accents

5. Creative "Revival" Theme with Large Stage Props

6. Spanish Theme with Unique Blue and White Vases

7. Blue and Orange Farmer's Market Event with Veggie and Flower Carts

8. Large Carnation Pool Float Arrangements 

9. Modern Yellow Mixed Arrangements on Rodeo Drive

10. Sunset Orange with Metallic Accents

Merry Christmas from Themes & Flowers!

There is always a little more sparkle at Themes & Flowers during the holiday season. We are welcomed into our work day by the scent of fresh pine and the site of beautiful red and green hues.  There is something so cheerful about our work and it is only enhanced by the holidays!

This week, we wanted to wish all of you a "Merry Christmas" and share some of our favorite Christmas traditions and memories with all of you!  We hope that your holiday season is filled with special quality time with the ones that you love. 


What is your favorite Christmas tradition? My favorite tradition of the Christmas season is celebrating advent. The four Sundays before Christmas, my family gets together to have a meal, read the Christmas story and do a craft with my kids (although, most of the time, all the adults are just as invested into their own craft creations! ). I love that we can get together throughout the Christmas season instead of just one day. Each member of my family takes a turn planning an advent week. I always enjoy seeing what each person planned. We have collected handmade ornaments and crafts over the years that hold such special memories. 

What is the best Christmas gift that you've ever given to someone? Christmas Day 2011 was a very special one. I had so much excitement and anticipation about the gifts that I had brought for my family. As the gifts were nearly done being opened, I sat nervously with 3 Christmas cards in my hand. I gave one card to my Opa and Oma (Herb and Polly), one to my Aunt Kina and Uncle Mario, and one to My Aunt Mel. I told them all to open the cards at the same time. Inside the card was a copy of my ultrasound photo. I was expecting my first baby! Everyone burst into tears, squealed with excitement and gave me hugs. It was a very special moment for me!




What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Well, I love my advent calendar. Now that our children are out of the house , Herb and I like to treat ourselves, so we put See's candies in our calendar to open in the days before Christmas. I also really love our "Nicolaus" tradition on December 6th. It's a German tradition where you brush your shoes clean and leave them out by the door. The next morning you find little goodies in them! I always think that it's a fun tradition!

What is the most interesting gift that you ever received for Christmas?  The craziest gift that I ever received was an expensive white fox fur coat. Every year, Herb and I would go to the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to watch a concert.  He gave me the coat so that I could wear it to a concert that year. For anyone that knows me, they know that my style is much more practical. The coat didn't exactly scream "Polly" or match my personality, but I was all fancy and decked out for the show! I still have the coat to this day. 



What is your favorite Christmas tradition? In our home, we decorate with a lot of beautiful candles. Some of our candle holders are over 100 years old and are very special heirlooms from Germany. For many years now, I've been the "candler-lighter". Every year, I quietly get up from the dining room table while the rest of the family finishes their meals. I light all of the candles before everyone comes into the living room to sing songs, read the Christmas story and open the gifts under the tree. 

What is the best gift that you've ever given someone for Christmas? The best gift that I ever gave was the first Christmas gift I ever gave my wife, Polly. We were not married at the time, not really dating officially either. In fact, we were thousands of miles apart. When I stayed in Berlin, I had dated a few ladies but, when I returned to the U.S. in the fall, I decided I would send a gift to one of them, Polly. I sent her a gold ring with a pearl in it. Little did I know, Polly had also decided to send me and my family a gift. She made a beautiful hand-made Christmas tree for our home and shipped it all the way to the states. It was meant to be! We were both thinking of each other for Christmas. 



What is your favorite Christmas tradition? I always enjoy watching the performances from the little ones in the family. As kids, I was always performing at Christmas with my three sisters and as the years have gone by, it is no nice to see the next generations carry on the traditions. We have always recited Bible verses or sang a Christmas song or reenacted the nativity scene. It's great! Then we all join in together and try and sing. 

I love all of the things that make Christmas Eve warm and cozy. I love picking out our cups to have hot tea. I love that all of the lit candles. It's just nice to be with family and enjoy all the festivities of the night. 

What is the best gift that you've ever received for Christmas? When I was in grade school, we had a fundraiser where we had to sell wrapping paper. One of the prizes for the top-seller was a scooter. I was so determined to sell the most wrapping paper so that I could win it! When we had the school assembly, I was announced as the 3rd place winner in the entire school, but was crushed when the 2nd place winner chose the scooter as their prize. I was so sad and disappointed. On Christmas, I was given an awesome purple Mongoose scooter! I was so excited and surprised. The scooter has stayed in the family over the years, my nieces and nephews have all loved it!


We hope that all of you enjoy the holiday season! 








Oh, The Places You Will Go!

The idea of travel is highly romanticized and exciting. This is part of the reason travel is often featured in films. Whether it be to outer space, another country or a long road trip, we are drawn to the idea of visiting new places!  We are fortunate enough to be a part of events that include huge spectacles of transportation, from exotic cars and helicopters to the United States Endeavour. Take a look at some of the beautiful events below! 

When we design for corporate events such as these, we try to keep the florals sleek so that the arrangements can enhance, rather than distract from, the enormous spectacle that serves as the backdrop. The modern floral designs add to the angular and mechanical features of the event. 

In Primary Color

One of the things that we love most about our creative process is the variety of colors that we can include in our work. Of all the colors in the spectrum, the primary colors are in high demand and some of our favorite too! Blue, Yellow and Red are vibrant colors that lend themselves to a variety of aesthetics. Take a look at some of our favorite reasons to use primary colors at your corporate events!



Blue and White Banquet table.jpg

·      Calming and relaxing tones

·      Used for sleek, modern and masculine designs when paired with silver

·      Great for Nautical themes near the ocean

·      Perfect for sophisticated gala events

·      A must for Patriotic events and venues



Yellow Geometric Floral 2.jpg


·      Warm, bright and vibrant tones

·      Used for elegant organic designs, especially when paired with succulents

·      A versatile color that pairs well with other colors

·      Perfect for outdoor events at sunset and country chic themes




·      Bold, classic and elegant

·      Used for glamorous events,

·      Great for Hollywood themes

·      Pairs well with black and white to create a sleek and classy aesthetic

·      Perfect pop of colo