"Nothing Too Flowery":Minimal and Non-Floral Centerpieces


At Themes & Flowers, we love working with an array of flowers but, from time to time, we are asked to design non-floral centerpieces. This request is often for a specific type of event or client and we enjoy the challenge! It allows us to use a variety materials and play with different elements such as lighting. Check out some of the reasons that a client opts for a non-floral or minimal floral centerpiece below! 

4 Reasons to Choose Non-Floral:

1.  Using non-floral (or minimal floral) designs is often a strategy used to create a modern or minimalist look for an event. It creates a sleek and stunning aesthetic that is sure to impress!

2. Non-floral designs gives an opportunity for centerpieces to have an interactive element. This is very true of our various decade themes (70s, 80s etc). Whether it be sunglasses or slinky's, this type of centerpieces incorporates a lot of fun for guests!

Modern deep blue LED accented centerpiece.jpg

3. During certain times of the year, flowers become high in demand. When Valentine's Day or Mother's Day is right around the corner, the cost of flowers increases dramatically. Using a non-floral or minimal floral arrangement during those seasons can be much more cost-effective for clients who are very budget-conscious. 

4. There are many events in which the guests are primarily male. In these cases, clients often request that the centerpieces and decor reflect a more masculine aesthetic. Using minimal greens or creating a non-floral look, is a great way to meet those requests!