Bling, Glam and Glitz!

As we head into the holiday season,  everything starts to get a little more sparkly and glamorous. Christmas lights and New Year bling are everywhere, bringing a type of holiday magic that is undeniable! When companies hold corporate events during the winter, they are often looking for that same type of glimmering sentiment, opting for shiny silver containers, LED lighting and beautiful beaded features in their decor. 

2. LED Lighting: Many of our containers stand alone in terms of sparkle, but the addition of LED lighting adds that extra twinkle for a glamorous event. It gives light (in a variety of colors- white, blue red...) the ability to bounce off of any gems, crystal, beads used in the decor elements. 

Our Favorite "Bling" Elements for a Glamorous Corporate Event:

1. Beaded Crystal Towers and Columns: Our small beaded table-top centerpieces are a great way to add glamor without the cost of florals. They add elements of lighting as well as creating a great focal point for guests.(see photo above). We also have very large beaded columns with an adjustable height from 8 to 12 feet! They are truly a beautiful spectacle to behold at any event. (see photo below)

3. Vases: Mirrors and Metallics, Size and Shine! Often times the containers and vases used in a glamorous event are key! When paired with an elegant floral, unique vases are important. We recommend to use a mirrored silver to allow the lighting in the venue more opportunity for reflection, a sleek black vase for a classic look, or a metallic vase to add another element of shine. 

4. Classic Florals: There are certain florals that have a classic, glamorous element to them- red roses, tall calla lilies, white hydrangeas. When looking for glamorous decor, we recommend a purposeful floral choice that is simple and elegant.