Love & Flowers: Romantic Designs

Welcome to February and all of it's Valentine glory! We wanted to share with you some of our centerpieces that move away from a simple modern look and gravitate toward a fuller, elegant aesthetic. Many people associate flowers with love and romance and, while our business is specifically for corporate events, we appreciate floral designs with a certain romantic flare to them. There are certain flowers and hues that create a romantic feel; shades of pink, purple and burgundy with full white hydrangeas and beautiful roses. Some of our designs include important lighting  elements that help bring a feminine touch to our designs. Take a look at some of our romantic designs below!

Did you know that we love to participate in special corporate event activities and that we are happy to put on flower demos for your clients? We have participated in spouse luncheons that feature a flower design demonstration for guests. We love to include interactive elements to our work. It is a way for us to share what we love!

Ombré Hydrangeas


These long hydrangea groupings were so much fun to put together! The center arrangement features beautiful blue hydrangeas, surrounded by purple and then white, creating an ombré affect across the table. The arrangements are elegant and romantic but, paired with the cool lighting, sleek furniture and mirror table tops, the event exuded a modern vibe. 

Roaring 20s: Speak-Easy

Welcome to the Roaring 20s, where you can step into a world of pearls, feathers and fun. Our Speak-Easy events invite guests to celebrate like Gatsby! Whether you are looking for elegant white, or prefer a pop of red, we have you covered!