Eat, Drink & Be Merry! 5 Reasons to Suggest a Pub & Brewery Theme to Your Client

As we head into cooler weather, we often see a change in theme preferences for corporate events. Our Pub & Brewery arrangements are perfect for October. They invite guests to celebrate  with friends, co-workers and colleagues in a cool environment! It's time to "Eat, Drink & Be Merry!" 

Here are 5 reasons to Suggest a Pub & Brewery Theme to Your Client: 

1. This theme is great for a client with predominantly male attendees (although ladies can enjoy a good beer too). It has a minimal amount of florals which creates a very masculine aesthetic

2. Pub & Brewery themes have the potential for interactive elements. Many people go to bars or pubs to be social, play pool or enjoy a game of darts. These are wonderful features to have for your clients. 

3. Variations! Like so many of our themes, Pub & Brewery can be catered to your clients' specific taste. Do you want to create a British Pub? Irish Pub? Would you like beer mug centerpieces for a sports theme? We can tweak these creative ideas to fit specific requests! 

4. This theme incorporates all the warm colors of fall with it's natural elements of wheat, wood, and grains. The color scheme is inviting and comforting and perfect for the season!

5. Cheers! This theme invites guests to celebrate and relax. It brings a warmth and happiness to any corporate event. 

Take a Look at Some of our Pub & Brewery Events...

Sleek and Modern: Car Museum Event

We love creating sleek and modern spaces that make a poignant statement and enhance the features of the venue. The color scheme for this event was created to highlight the design of the vehicles on display in the museum. It is a great example of using minimal florals within a masculine space to create balance. The cool metal tones are the perfect mixture of classic and contemporary.