In Primary Color

One of the things that we love most about our creative process is the variety of colors that we can include in our work. Of all the colors in the spectrum, the primary colors are in high demand and some of our favorite too! Blue, Yellow and Red are vibrant colors that lend themselves to a variety of aesthetics. Take a look at some of our favorite reasons to use primary colors at your corporate events!



Blue and White Banquet table.jpg

·      Calming and relaxing tones

·      Used for sleek, modern and masculine designs when paired with silver

·      Great for Nautical themes near the ocean

·      Perfect for sophisticated gala events

·      A must for Patriotic events and venues



Yellow Geometric Floral 2.jpg


·      Warm, bright and vibrant tones

·      Used for elegant organic designs, especially when paired with succulents

·      A versatile color that pairs well with other colors

·      Perfect for outdoor events at sunset and country chic themes




·      Bold, classic and elegant

·      Used for glamorous events,

·      Great for Hollywood themes

·      Pairs well with black and white to create a sleek and classy aesthetic

·      Perfect pop of colo

Vibrant Summer Event

We absolutely love the blue and white vases that we used for one of our events this month. They added the perfect pop of color to compliment the bright florals and create a Spanish style event. What a great example of different decorative elements working together to create a beautiful space. The lights and candles, fabrics and linens, and variety of flowers and vases all had a part to play. 

Swingin' Beach Party

This event embodies a 1960's beach party vibe for a swinging' good time. We love doing variations of our beach themes. This event featured surf board stage props, custom chalk board signs and a fun beach environment.