Polly Nowak: Floral Designer

"I like challenges. I thrive on challenge. It helps you stay fresh and creative."

Q & A:

What attracted you to this business? I grew up in Germany where we had to choose an apprenticeship after high school. I wanted to be a landscaper because I liked the idea of doing something on a big scale, but they laughed and said I was too small. Becoming a florist was the next thing in my mind. I never regretted it!

What is your favorite part of your job? I love being creative and I love making people happy with the result. 

What is your favorite flower? I have so many favorites, but I would have to say tulips, ranunculus and peonies. They all have a unique shape and have the most beautiful faces. 

What makes Themes & Flowers unique? We are not an ordinary flower shop business. We can dream big and do bigger things. We are able to concentrate on what the client wants and envisions. Nothing is ordinary or routine. There's a different twist each time. 


Herb Nowak: President/CEO/Sales

Our attitude comes from an innate desire to serve our customers. And our customers notice that.


What is your most memorable moment at Themes & Flowers? In September 2001, we were hired to do a large job in Salt Lake City. The event was for a multi-level marketing company with an astronomical budget. With a 7 day event for 4000 people, I remember being thrilled at the opportunity to dream bigger and better! I will never forget how rewarding that job was. It felt like there were endless possibilities and the client went out of their way to compliment us on all of our amazing ideas. 

What is your favorite flower and why? Red roses because they helped me win my bride, Polly. Giving her a bouquet of red roses made a big impression with her. I was the first guy that knew she was a florist but gave her flowers anyway. 

What is it about Themes & Flowers that makes it so unique? We deliver sincere personal care to all of our clients. Our attitude comes from an innate desire to serve our customers. And our customers notice that. We could not count the number of times that our customers go out of their way to acknowledge that difference in our service.   



Melinda Nowak: Operational & Sales Manager

We are able to take someone’s idea and create something visual. We are able to transform a plain space into something that it never was before. I love seeing people’s visions realized.


What is your favorite part of your job?  I am attracted to creativity. I love selling different looks to meet the specific need of the client. My job is great because I am able to manage the process from start to finish; I am able to see everything come together. 

What is your favorite flower and why? I love tulips because I feel like they live with a mind of their own. They continue to grow, open and close. They do their thing without any prompting from anyone. 

Do you have a favorite event that you managed at Themes & Flowers? We were hired to do the first party under "The Endeavor" spaceship. It was breathtaking. It was truly remarkable to stand next to something that had gone so far and done something so special. I really enjoyed managing the space oriented theme to harmonize with such a special time. 


Rachel Pacheco: Sales & Marketing

Not everyone is able to do a marketing job while being surrounded by a sea of gorgeous flowers. What a joy it is to be constantly inspired by beauty and what an honor it is to share this amazing service with our current and potential clients!


What is your favorite part of your job?  The thing that I like most about my job is that I am constantly surrounded and immersed in the beautiful, creative atmosphere that I am sharing with clients. There is a constant supply of inspiration and excitement surrounding me. I am not staring at a beige cubicle wall. I am staring at a beautiful variety a fresh flowers and watching the creative process that goes into arranging them. Not a day goes by that I am not reminded of the quality, beauty and creativity of our products and services, which makes my job much easier and more enjoyable.  

What sets Themes & Flowers apart as a business?  What I love about Themes & Flowers, and what I think sets it apart from other businesses, is that we never skimp on quality. Every single client receives our very best work. When everyone has worked long hours or feels exhausted, our quality never wanes because we sincerely care about bringing the vision of our client to fruition.